About Me


I am a little like Ove, without his DIY skills (hint: read the lovable 'A Man Called Ove' by Fredrik Backman. This may be the only useful advice you may get from this website). Like him, I am generally an introvert almost bordering on being asocial, I am fastidious about keeping things neatly arranged, and I like to plan every trip in minute detail including when to take a coffee break. While not the sporty kind, I do like the outdoors and enjoy hiking, running and cycling. I enjoy my coffee and martini made exactly the way I like it, so I give fairly explicit instructions to the barista or the bartender (one of the baristas at Mumbai airport is still reeling from the time when he made my americano into a long black. Now he knows the difference). But do not let all this push you away.  Send me an email, and I may even reply!